Capillary tube mats-types
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Capillary tube mats-types

Capillary tube mats are of PPR and production is based on two types, with different thicknesses of wall and different diameters: 3,4×0,55 mm and 4,3x 0,8 mm.

These two types are covering all heating and cooling applications and projects of concrete structure’s temperation.

Most popular types of mats, used in heating and cooling projects are Type G (linear), type U (U form) and Type Folimat, mats in special plastic support foil.


Folimat type mat

covor capilar tip U

U type mat

covor capilar tip G

G type mat

To prevent condensation on surface of the ceilings working in cooling mode, it is necessary to prevent dew point temperature, using dew point sensors. If the dew point sensor registrates a humid condition, it immediately sends a signal to the actuator of the specific hydraulic circuit, closing it quickly. This operation is preventing the ceiling structure for being damaged by the humidity of the dew point conditions.

The above described physical phenomenon is very rare, because by public buildings, office buildings and hospitals, the additionally installed ventilation system is permanently controlling the relative humidity of air in rooms. (The rhd value is usually kept around 50%.).

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