Floor heating
pardoseli radiante incalzite

Floor heating

Floor heating with capillary tube mats has a high efficiency, economy of space and low energy consumption. This system is different from the classical floor heating systems, because it is no need of thick concrete layer in the floor structure, and the efficiency is based on the very small volume of water in the capillary tube mats (0,3 liter/sqm).


Underfloor heating with capillary tube mats can be used to heat all buildings. Water-carrying capillary tube mats are integrated into the appropriate flooring structure, allowing smooth temperature control of flooring surfaces.

Because of the extensive exchange surfaces, large amounts of energy can be transferred, even with low temperature differences between active room surfaces and room air.

The energy transferred as thermal radiation is perceived as being particularly comfortable to humans since it corresponds to the natural heat balance of the body. The temperature felt is around 2–3°C higher than the actual room temperature, lowering the consumption of heat energy.

Laying capillary mats directly below the floor screed means the system reacts extremely quickly. The desired surface temperatures are attained after just a few minutes. Even when laying in screed, the capillary tube system needs only about a ¼ of the heat-up times of conventional underfloor heating systems.

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