Geothermal energy with capillary mats

Geothermal energy with capillary mats

Synthetic capillary tube mats are not just used inside buildings as heating and/or cooling systems. Applications with capillary tube mats have been extremely successful since 2002, as heat sources of brine/water heat pumps.

The “horizontal compact absorbers“ are laid at a depth of 1.10m to 1.20m in the ground.

Their unrivalled capabilities as high-performance heat exchangers mean, that the use of capillary tube mats can reduce by up to 50% the extractor surface on the site compared to traditional single tube surface collectors.

Another benefit is the quick regeneration of the soil, surrounding the collector. In soils, where the underground water’s level is high, we propose a solution with ground collector tubes, positioned in the underground water on a maximal depth of 4 meters, having very high efficiency.

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