Optimum confort

Optimum confort

Capillary tube systems work draught‐free and absolutely noiseless. Thus it is often referred to as “systems of silent cooling“. The exchange of energy by radiation corresponds to the natural conditions, and is felt to be very comfortable.

In addition, the surfaces have a very even temperature profile, without major fluctuations -due to the small interspaces between the capillary tubes. This means, every user finds the exact identical conditions and the “traditional” discussion on whether workplaces are better, or worse -regarding the indoor climate- is now a thing of the past.

No negative effects on health. Contrary to the water‐carrying capillary tube systems, conventional air conditioning systems use cooled air, to remove the heat load.

In conventional systems, large volumes of air are blown into the rooms, at temperatures well below normal level. This reduces not only personal comfort, but is also very often associated with health risks.

Apart from the draught risk and noise disturbances, very often, poor hygienic conditions in the air duct network are an issue.

Individual controlling with short reaction times. Each zone can be individually and easily controlled, by room temperature controllers. Setpoint adjustments lead to an appreciable change of the room conditions, within a few minutes.