Renovation of humidity damaged walls

Renovation of humidity damaged walls

Renovation of old buildings is a difficult problem, especially in case of walls and structures, damaged by humidity and mould. Total and successful refurbishment of damaged structures needs professionalism and high quality products. We are suppliers of boards with multiple applications.

Fields of use:
• walls with excessive mould and moisture,
• reinforced concrete housing blocks,
• the inner isolation of historical buildings.

• total elimination of mould infections in the walls,
• rehabilitation of walls damaged by excessive moisture,
• improving the climate in living spaces,
• reducing heating costs,
• natural and healthy construction boards.

These boards are lightweight plane elements, produced with continuous process technology, from a homogeneous blend of calcium silicate and cellulose fibers. They can be used for interior cladding in buildings, in spaces affected by excess moisture, mould.

The boards are produced in standard sizes: 1000 x 500 mm, with a thickness of 20, 25 or 50 mm.

They have high porosity (over 80% open cells) and a low resistance to water vapor diffusion (μ between 4.9 and 9.5) corresponding to the class “practically permeable” according to norm: DIN 52615: 2005.

Due to the high percentage of open pores, the boards have absorbent properties, so that they accumulate excess moisture from the support, eliminating it as vapor to the air in the rooms. They can take up twice the volume of water compared to their own volume.

These boards are installed with special adhesives (type anti-condensation), directly on the mineral supports with excess moisture: brickwork, concrete or reinforced concrete, etc. Thus, the removal of mould from the walls is particularly effective.

The low thermal conductivity of the material (about 0.052 W/m²K) provides the boards therm-insulating properties.

Dry renderings made with these boards can be finished by applying an equalizing plaster layer with the same anti-condensation material used as an adhesive and coated with silicate-based products, which are permeable to water vapor.

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