Technical details

Technical details – Calcium silicate boards

Due to the high percentage of open pores and the absorbing properties of the material used, calcium silicate boards provide effective and durable protection for poorly insulated walls, excess moisture or damp areas.

The boards ensure the drying of the support to which they were applied and the maintenance of this state – due to the alkalinity of the calcium silicate. Due to low thermal conductivity, the boards are a particularly effective thermal insulation.

These boards are recommended for thermal and waterproof insulation of the walls of historical monuments – or other buildings – where installation of outer layers of insulation is not allowed.

In all countries of Central and Western Europe, calcium silicate boards are widely used, especially for the rehabilitation of old buildings and historical monuments, but also for the removal of excess moisture from poorly insulated walls.


Nr.SpecificationNormativeU/MDetermined valueReference valuePlace of determination
01Dimension deviations
-lenghtmm999,81000±2Protect Chemical
-widthmm500,2500±1Protect Chemical
-thicknessmm25,025±0,5Protect Chemical
02Relative densityDIN 52615:1982
03pHDIN 52615:1982-109-11IBR Germany
04Relative density λDIN 52615:1982W/mK0,0530,050-0,065IBR Germany
05Resistance to water vapor diffusionDIN 52615:1982-4,5-9,5max.10IBR Germany
06Compression strengthDIN 52615:1982N/mm21,1min.1,0IBR Germany
07Tensile strengthDIN 52615:1982N/mm20,8min.0,5IBR Germany
08Fire resistance classSR EN 13501-1:2007-B(C1)B(C1)-