Hospitals, schools and office buildings

Hospitals, schools and office buildings

Capillary tube systems have a small structural height and, for this reason, they can be
fully integrated into room enclosing surfaces. Visible technical elements such as radiators or room cooling equipment are no longer required. Capillary mats are permanently invisible, even in such cases where they are only covered with a thin layer of plaster. Invisibility of the system is a guarantee for the safety of the inhabitants. Capillary tube mats are the ideal heating and cooling solution for hospitals, schools and office buildings.

Spre deosebire de sistemele capilare, care funcționează cu agent termic apă, sistemele clasice de aer condiționat utilizează aer răcit, care creează disconfort și îmbolnăviri.

În sistemele convenționale, cantități mari de aer sunt introduse în încăperi, la temperaturi mult sub nivelul confortului.

Contrary to the water‐carrying capillary tube systems, conventional air conditioning
systems use cooled air, to remove the heat load. In conventional systems, large volumes of air are blown into the rooms, at temperatures well below normal level.This reduces not personal comfort only, but is also very often associated with health risks. Apart from the draught risk and noise disturbances, very often poor hygienic conditions in the air duct network are an issue.

Disadvantages of old systems, can be eliminated with capillary tube systems, installed in hospitals, schools and office buildings.